Circus tents, jousting tents, traditional style, white and stripey marquees.

Michael Taylor has been making one-off, specialist marquees for 25 years. These tents are extremely well-made and long-lasting. One customer is only now having a replacement roof for a 21- foot diameter tent that she bought 20 years ago. Only the best quality 15 ounce canvas is used. Roofs are canvas and walls, canvas or plastic. All materials comply with BS fire retardancy standards. The walls are 7.5 feet high, which is higher than normal and allows for a longer shaped valance inside as well as outside.

The roofs have the material cut so that the seams come to a point, instead of vertical seams, as this pattern makes the tent hang better and gives the tent a nicer form. The roofs are steeper than normal marquees, as well. These are traditional marquees that have centre pole, wall poles, guy ropes and pegs. They are not frame tents (sheds).